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Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!  This year my goal is to again raise $1000 for SAF.  Your help in any amount toward reaching my goal will be most appreciated!  You may donate here.   

My involvement with SAF goes back to college, where I took a course titled "Farmworkers in North Carolina."  In the class I learned about the lives and work of a population of whom most people are unaware, despite the significant role they play in this state's (and the nation's) economy and the harvest of food grown here. The following summer I interned with SAF's Into the Fields program where, in addition to my day job working with farmworker legal advocates, I spent the summer evenings visiting migrant labor camps in eastern North Carolina to share information with workers about their legal rights.  In law school I continued to participate in legal outreach in the mountainous labor camps near Charlottesville, Virginia.  

These experiences stayed with me even after I completed school, especially around this time of year with its focus on blessings, bounty and family.  Now back in Durham and a SAF board member, I can again contribute to this superb organization and its important work.  This annual campaign will help make it possible for future interns to have their eyes opened to farmworker issues just as mine were almost fifteen years ago.  

I've given $100 to begin my campaign.  Please click here to donate. If you would like more information about SAF and its mission and programs, please visit the SAF website.

Thank you very much!  Muchas gracias mis amigos,


ABOUT 2012-2013 Farmworker Awareness Campaign

SAF's grassroots fundraising goal is to raise $20,000 through online fundraising and house parties!

SAF uses money raised from individuals to:

  • conduct outreach to students and farmworkers,
  • provide training, stipends, and scholarships for our interns, students organizers, and youth,
  • share documentaries and presentations with the general public, and
  • provide a living wage and full benefits to our staff

Thanks to those that have already donated this year through our 20-year anniversary sponsorships. We hope that you will consider giving again to help sustain our work for the next 20 years.

Alexa Dilworth

Andrea Kells

Carolyn Corrie

Cris Rivera

Evan Hughes & Leanne Simon

Irene Godinez

Irving Zavaleta

Lyndsey Beutin

Mercedes Hernandez-Pelletier

Patrick Stawski

Ronald Garcia Fogarty


Name Date Amount Comments
Terri Robinson 01/02/2013 $125.00  
James Y Kerr 12/27/2012 $200.00  
Kim Kelly 12/07/2012 $25.00  
Christopher Richardson 12/03/2012 $40.00  
Michelle Tupper Butler 12/03/2012 $100.00  
Holly Eldred 12/01/2012 $25.00  
The Rt. Rev. Hodges-Copple 11/30/2012 $100.00 Yeah, Andrea. Yeah, SAF.
Jill 11/30/2012 $20.00  
Molly Hemstreet 11/29/2012 $30.00  
Kendra Congdon 11/29/2012 $20.00  
Jim 11/29/2012 $20.00 happy to help, good luck!
Annie 11/29/2012 $20.00 Keep up the great work!
Terri Robinson 11/27/2012 $50.00  
Jenny Robinson Light 11/27/2012 $25.00  
Dick & Dee Dee Kells 11/26/2012 $100.00  
Andrea Robinson Kells 11/25/2012 $100.00  
  Total $1,000.00