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Update:  We reached my fundraising goal!  Thank you for helping me raise the funds needed for dubbing the Harvest of Dignity video into Spanish!

If you haven't donated, it's not too late to do so,  even though I have finished my fundraising campaign, your donation is more than welcome! Click here to make a donation now. Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign for Student Action with Farmworkers!


Thanks for visiting my fundraising page for Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF). I’m seeking to raise $738 because this is the amount we need for dubbing the Harvest of Dignity (HOD) video into Spanish. If you haven’t seen it, check out the ½ hour video here.

I have been on the SAF board for almost 4 years now, and am truly grateful for being part of this vibrant, transformative, mission-driven organization. SAF is a nonprofit organization that enables students to engage in solidarity with farmworkers, through: Internships & fellowships with various organizations in NC, SC, VA & TN; a leadership development program with farmworker youth in Benson, NC; & student participation in different farmworker campaigns. SAF isalso well-respected for its leadership and collaborative role in statewide coalitions and with National Farmworker Awareness Week.

I am asking you to give to SAF for the following reasons:

  1. Justice – Farmworkers put food on our tables and work in the second most dangerous profession in the country.  We need to ensure that farmworkers earn a living wage and live in decent conditions.
  2. Equality – Most farmworkers’ primary language is Spanish and we need to have this video about them in their own native tongue.
  3. Passion – My very first job out of college was with farmworkers.  SAF enabled me to reconnect with the farmworker movement after a decade of working on other justice issues.
  4. Solidarity – You can make a difference! I need your donation to support this amazing organization.  Most of SAF’s online fundraising campaigns raise over $1,000!
  5. Mission –driven – SAF raised over 50% of its income in its last fiscal year from individual donors which allows the organization to focus on working with students and farmworkers.
  6. Accountability –All board members are involved in raising funds for SAF and SAF is very transparent and communicative with its donors.
  7. Success- I am contributing $150 myself to my goal. I can reach the $738.26 goal if just four more people contribute the same amount, or alternately with six $50 gifts plus twelve $25 gifts.  

The HOD video is currently subtitled in Spanish, but it needs to be dubbed to Spanish. A film about North Carolina farmworkers needs to be understood by its protagonists, most of whom are fluent in Spanish.  Dubbing the HOD video to Spanish requires $3,500 total. We have already raised $2,762, which leaves us a total of $738 that I hope to raise by this coming Friday, as long as you can support me in doing so!

SAF is a nonprofit organization; its EIN is 56-1789014. You can donate here or mail a check to: SAF, 1317 W Pettigrew St., Durham, NC  27705. This campaign ends on Friday, please contribute this week!


ABOUT 2012-2013 Farmworker Awareness Campaign

SAF's grassroots fundraising goal is to raise $20,000 through online fundraising and house parties!

SAF uses money raised from individuals to:

  • conduct outreach to students and farmworkers,
  • provide training, stipends, and scholarships for our interns, students organizers, and youth,
  • share documentaries and presentations with the general public, and
  • provide a living wage and full benefits to our staff

Thanks to those that have already donated this year through our 20-year anniversary sponsorships. We hope that you will consider giving again to help sustain our work for the next 20 years.

Alexa Dilworth

Andrea Kells

Carolyn Corrie

Cris Rivera

Evan Hughes & Leanne Simon

Irene Godinez

Irving Zavaleta

Lyndsey Beutin

Mercedes Hernandez-Pelletier

Patrick Stawski

Ronald Garcia Fogarty


Name Date Amount Comments
Peter Rubinas 08/11/2013 $100.00  
Maro 08/03/2013 $100.00  
Florence Siman 07/27/2013 $30.00  
Carlos Mendoza 07/19/2013 $30.00  
Matt and Tina Zimmerman 07/19/2013 $50.00  
Mary Lindsley & Montek Singh 07/19/2013 $100.00  
Eric Feldman 07/19/2013 $50.00  
Phyllis Nunn 07/19/2013 $20.00  
Nayely 07/19/2013 $10.00 Buen trabajo compaƱero : )
Harry E. Payne, Jr. 07/19/2013 $20.00  
Nancy Webb 07/19/2013 $25.00  
Penn Garvin 07/18/2013 $30.00  
Clermont Fraser Ripley 07/18/2013 $25.00  
Sabine Schoenbach 07/18/2013 $40.00  
Faith Schultze 07/18/2013 $25.00 Good luck with your fundraising!
Bless Burke 07/18/2013 $25.00  
Alliance of AIDS Services 07/18/2013 $50.00 Ron, Good luck with your goal... Remember me someday!! Stacy Duck
Sarah Taylor & Zachary Drake 07/18/2013 $25.00  
Omar Lainez 07/18/2013 $20.00  
Fawn 07/17/2013 $100.00 Ron is such a terrific example of what makes SAF great: Passionate, fun people!
Rowan, In & Duncan 07/17/2013 $50.00  
Chris & Lucinda Covert Vail 07/17/2013 $100.00  
Jackeline Metivier 07/17/2013 $100.00  
Beth & Ivan Garcia 07/17/2013 $10.00  
Ron Garcia-Fogarty 07/16/2013 $150.00 My own donation, to jump-start my online campaign
Caitlin 07/16/2013 $10.00  
Carrie Fields 07/16/2013 $15.00  
  Total $1,310.00