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72 HOURS = One Thousand Dollars

Update:  We did it!  Thank you for helping me reach my personal fundraising goal for #SAF. I will be sending the handmade cards with my thank you notes - the drawing for the "Cris" prize will be on July 1. The winner and all the $100+ donors need to message me re: what they would like me to do... 

Hi friends!

It's that time again. Time for my annual online campaign for Student Action with Farmworkers.

As in prior years, I am having a drawing of all my donors for a "Cris" prize - curated cheese selection, fly-fishing lesson, vegetarian casserole, music video to your favorite pop song, one hour consultation (tax prep, event planning, board development) - whatever.

This year, I will also offer this same gift for EVERY donor of $100 or more. Really.

Also, every $25 donor will receive a handmade card and photo.

So, why do I do this? While it may seem frivolous to offer stunts and free services in return for your gift, I am very serious about raising my fundraising goal each year for SAF. This organization not only does the work in the fields and with its coalition partners, it does this work while cultivating young activists, arming them with the tools they need to be socially conscious organizers in their home communities. Read more about SAF's Student Organizing Programs...

Funds earned through my campaign may not only be used to run these life-changing programs, but can also go towards the over $15,000 in scholarships SAF awards to its participants at the completion of their placements. Read more about our alumni... 

Breakdown to reach goal:

 One $1000 donor (receives a free service or performance of a stunt and a handmade card)

or two $500 donors (both of whom receive a free service or stunt and a handmade card)

or four $250 donors (all of whom receive free services or stunts and handmade cards)

or ten $100 donors (all of whom receive free services or stunts and handmade cards)

or  twenty $50 donors (all of whom receive handmade cards) 

or forty $25 donors (all of whom receive handmade cards) 

or one hundred $10 donors (all of whom will be thanked on this website and facebook)

Please donate what you can now . The drawing for the "Cris" prize will be made when my campaign ends July 1!

Thanks so much for all you do,




                                                                             Donate now!

PS Watch the videos below for some ideas of prizes from previous campaigns:

Video #1      Video#2 

ABOUT 2012-2013 Farmworker Awareness Campaign

SAF's grassroots fundraising goal is to raise $20,000 through online fundraising and house parties!

SAF uses money raised from individuals to:

  • conduct outreach to students and farmworkers,
  • provide training, stipends, and scholarships for our interns, students organizers, and youth,
  • share documentaries and presentations with the general public, and
  • provide a living wage and full benefits to our staff

Thanks to those that have already donated this year through our 20-year anniversary sponsorships. We hope that you will consider giving again to help sustain our work for the next 20 years.

Alexa Dilworth

Andrea Kells

Carolyn Corrie

Cris Rivera

Evan Hughes & Leanne Simon

Irene Godinez

Irving Zavaleta

Lyndsey Beutin

Mercedes Hernandez-Pelletier

Patrick Stawski

Ronald Garcia Fogarty


Name Date Amount Comments
Mady MadriƱan Rivera 07/08/2013 $100.00  
John Roberts 06/30/2013 $50.00  
Lisa Hazirjian 06/30/2013 $25.00  
Parker Platt 06/28/2013 $50.00  
Phyllis Verhey 06/28/2013 $50.00  
Lisa and Matt Pipeling 06/28/2013 $75.00  
April Walker 06/28/2013 $25.00  
Kendra 06/27/2013 $50.00 Glad to support SAF each year!
Dawn Carsey 06/27/2013 $25.00  
Leslie Johns 06/26/2013 $100.00  
Michael B 06/26/2013 $25.00  
Mary-Jo Keenan 06/26/2013 $50.00  
Joseph & Carlisle Harvard 06/26/2013 $200.00  
Meg Goodhand 06/25/2013 $25.00  
Margaret Rubiera 06/25/2013 $100.00  
Carl May 06/25/2013 $117.85  
Daniel McKown Hudgins 06/25/2013 $100.00  
Pamela Hughes 06/25/2013 $100.00 Thanks for all you do, Cris!
Greg Palmer 06/24/2013 $50.00  
Dawn Imershein 06/24/2013 $100.00  
Tom Bacon 06/24/2013 $150.00  
Cheryl Henry 06/24/2013 $30.00  
Calvin Allen 06/24/2013 $100.00  
Katharine Whitmore 06/22/2013 $25.00 Hi Chris! So glad to be able to contribute!
Jeanette Stokes 06/22/2013 $100.00  
Marilyn & Maria 06/22/2013 $100.00 Keep up the good work!
  Total $1,922.85